Group Fitness Timetable

Melton Waves has a variety of Group Fitness classes suitable to all ages and fitness levels.

Whether it's a high intensity fat burning workout you are after or a low intensity mind and body overhaul, the Melton Waves Group Fitness timetable has it all.

  • Les Mills classes
  • Older Adults classes
  • Aqua Aerobic classes
  • Something for everyone

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Aqua Aerobics
The water provides a great cardio workout with cushioning, resistance and support. Joints are safely supported with exercises that are lots of fun.

Wet and Mild
Specifically for the older adult, are great for rehabilitation.

Indoor cycling class that has great fat burning effects.
Cycle will also improve your cardio fitness and endurance. Cycle to great music to help you push through those barriers and get the results you want. 

Body Pump
A non-impact class designed to work all the major muscle groups of your body, using adjustable weight loaded barbells and body weight exercises to fantastic music. 

Body Step
A great butt and thigh workout with emphasis on fat burning with a difference.
Delivers fast results combining rhythm and energy with an effective total body workout for everyone from the newest to most athletic participant. 

Body Balance
Will lengthen and strengthen your posture and flexibility.
Will teach you valuable relaxation techniques Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates influences.
An excellent class to prevent injuries and create pain free muscles and mind.

A flowing and meditative yoga class for healing and restoring balance within the body mind and spirit. Improve muscle tone, flexibility, strength and stamina. 

This 30 min class is ideal for tightening your core and butt while improving functional strength and assisting in injury prevention.
If you're looking for a short and sharp workout that’ll take your fitness to the next level then CXWORX is for you. 

Tone the muscles, boost the metabolism and burn the fat. Warning-This class will change your body shape.

Thummy, Hips and Thighs
A fantastic class that is designed specifically to concentrate on toning and firming your lower body and strengthening your core. THT is suitable for all levels.

Impact Zone

Impact Zone is a fitness program that combines group personal training with nutrition and support.

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