Exercise Physiology

About Healthstin

We are a group of passionate Allied Health Professionals enthusiastic about helping our community improve their health and wellbeing with movement. Our diverse exercise plans range from hydrotherapy sessions, gym programs, home visits to telehealth. So whether you are on a return-to-work plan, an NDIS participant, part of the senior community, or just wanting to make a positive change with movement, our team can personalise an appropriate and safe treatment plan. 

We specialise in personalised exercise programs to improve:

Chronic and complex diseases 

Chronic and complex diseases 

Return to work rehabilitation

Pre- and post-surgery outcomes

What our customers have to say…

JohnNDIS Patient
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"Dr. Rachelle is a star..." "...I am extremely confident that I will get back to a level equivalent to where I was prior to the stroke!"
AndyNDIS Patient
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"Couldn’t recommend anyone else so highly!" "Healthstin helping keep my body in the best shape and also keeping it pain free."
FridaArthritis Patient
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"I recommend Healthstin without hesitation!!!" "...In a bit less than a year I'm stronger and managed to work out regularly which I couldn't achieve before."

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