We have power again! The centre has reopened with our usual operating hours. Thank you for your understanding. 14/2/24

BlueFit’s COVID-Safe Management Policies

We are really excited about the opportunity to manage Melton Waves on behalf of the City of Melton.

At BlueFit, our purpose is ‘Inspiring Community Activity’, and we are dedicated to providing the much-needed resources to improve the lifestyle, health and wellbeing of the communities in which we live, work and operate.

Whilst an exciting time for BlueFit, we know it comes with some uncertainty for you. We are very conscious of this and are committed to working with the City of Melton and Belgravia Leisure to ensure a smooth transition of management.

While we navigate through this new world during the worldwide pandemic, we are ensuring that the safety of all our patrons and staff is still our highest priority while we encourage our communities back into their dearly missed leisure facilities. While our facility is open we are still adhering to restricted services such as social distancing and putting strict health and hygiene measures in place.

General Facility Regulations:
  • All our centres are professionally cleaned each night.
  • It is a condition of entry that members and visitors check in using the Victorian Government check-in system.
  • You still need to use your member card to enter the facility and check-in at reception.
  • Hand sanitiser has been placed throughout the centre including all entrances.
  • We encourage those where possible please avoid touching surfaces such are counters, doors and turnstiles and follow appropriate hand hygiene when using the facility.
  • To ensure our facilities remain clean throughout the day we now have onsite hygiene heroes dedicated to keeping our facilities safe to use.
BlueFit Swimming Regulations:
  • We have made slight modifications to our teaching techniques to protect our students and teachers. This includes using a doll when demonstrating activities and skills during infants classes.
  • We have updated our makeup policy to allow 12 makeups per calendar year, simply login to the parent portal to mark your absence so if you or your child is unwell please do not attend the facility.
  • Reduced equipment within infant & preschool lessons to increase student safety.
  • Only performing manual manipulation in the water when it is safe for both students and teachers
  • Ensuring teachers instruct from the side or behind the student to reduce face to face contact.
  • Replacing hi 5’s with the Bluey Bump at the conclusion of the lesson.
  • To reduce equipment sharing we now have BlueFit Swimming Kickboards, Swim Caps and goggles available for purchase on the BlueFit Swimming website and in the facility.
BlueFit Health Club Regulations:
  • We have a BlueFit Health Club app for booking and checking into your fitness class to securely save your spot, to keep class participants within the capacity limits and know who attends each class for contract tracing.
  • In case of reduced capacity limits, we use the BlueFit Health Club app to book your gym visit online.
  • Remember to always use a towel and wipe down equipment before and after use. We have an ample amount of cleaning wipes available around our facility.
  • As well as monitoring our gym, our gym staff and duty managers will clean down equipment throughout the day. 
  • Please ensure you’re following social distancing rules while in the gym or the class. We will have markers on the floor for class and staff monitoring our gym floor.

With these measures in place, we can ensure a safe environment for all our staff and customers. We look forward to seeing you again soon.




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