We have power again! The centre has reopened with our usual operating hours. Thank you for your understanding. 14/2/24

Welcome To BlueFit at Melton Waves

Melton Waves is a landmark facility in the City of Melton, which is highly utilised by the community, delivering important health and lifestyle outcomes.

Following a comprehensive tender process, the City of Melton has awarded leisure facility specialist BlueFit to manage Melton Waves. BlueFit commenced management operations from Thursday 1st July 2021, taking over from Belgravia.

In almost all cases, it will be a case of ‘business as usual’ for members and users

  • There is little change to the Melton staff 
  • Group Fitness and Learn to Swim class times and instructors remain
  • Opening hours of the facility stay the same
  • Your remaining visits on your visit pass are still valid

All membership data has been transferred and we have been able to link to the debit company that holds your credit card or bank account details. BlueFit debit all members and swim school families fortnightly in advance. If this frequency of payments means you would like to change where the funds are debited from, please reach out to us.

It is important for you to know, there is nothing for you to do in this transfer. Simply continue to use the facility for your health and fitness needs.

It is appreciated that the members and users of Melton Waves would have questions regarding this transition, so a series of FAQs have been developed:

Frequently Asked Questions

Melton Waves is owned by the City of Melton and the management is contracted out to a leisure facility management company. Belgravia has operated the Melton Waves for a number of years and with the existing contract expiring, an open tender process was conducted, as is standard practice.

BlueFit is a leisure facility management specialist, which operates approximately 35 facilities across Australia. BlueFit promotes a family culture and commitment towards its motto of ‘Inspiring Community Activity’. See their website here.

BlueFit anticipates almost total retention of the existing staff, so you will be seeing the same faces at the facility upon transition.

Fees and charges increase on an annual basis by CPI and are controlled by the council. A small increase may be seen in the coming months. You will receive 14 days notice in advance of any increase.

Yes, your membership will continue to debited fortnightly, we will confirm the date of your first debit soon. Belgravia will have debited you up until June 30th. Your access remains active continuously through this transition. If you have any questions on the fortnightly charge, please contact the facility.

BlueFit will be contacting all existing user groups directly, again with the expectation of ‘business as usual’.




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